For a wide range of international legal problems, 
Proxenia Legal offers tailor-made solutions.

We will do as much or as little as you require and desire, from simply proposing a trusted foreign lawyer for you to contact to putting together a tailor-made, internationally-integrated team of lawyers capable of managing your complex dispute.

What we can do to help you

The specific services that Proxenia Legal can provide include the following:

Dispute Resolution Clauses
Tailored drafting of new clauses
Review & explanation of existing

Signing a contract with a counterpart abroad and not sure that its (boilerplate) dispute settlement clause suits your interests?  Proxenia Legal can review the draft clause and provide an informed opinion on its pros and cons for your business.  If required, we can also draft, for pre-contract negotiations, fresh dispute resolution clauses tailored to your situation.

Pre-Dispute Advice
Objective view of all options
Authoritative legal opinions

In the early stages of a dispute with a company, government authority or individual in a foreign country?  Proxenia Legal can advise regarding the most time-efficient and cost-effective strategies for resolving your dispute.  If necessary, we can also help you apply for provisional measures to protect your interests at home or abroad in the meantime.

Disputes in Foreign Courts
Private International Law advice
Referral to trusted local counsel

Stuck in a foreign dispute resolution process you don't understand with no idea about which lawyers you need to find to help you?  Proxenia Legal has the private international law expertise to help you understand the foreign proceedings and how they may impact on your interests at home. We can also call on our worldwide network to find you a lawyer with local knowledge and contacts in the foreign system.

Pre-Arbitration Advice
Institution? Seat? Rules?
Arbitrators? Experts? Counsel?

About to send a dispute to international arbitration or take your first steps in an arbitral proceeding?  

Proxenia Legal can help you avoid the common early-dispute pitfalls of lawyers without experience of international arbitration.  We can help you choose the best arbitrator(s), seat, institution, rules and procedural modalities for your situation, and even recommend suitable counsel and experts.

Enforcement Proceedings
Balanced, real-world advice
Referral to local lawyers & experts

Hoping to enforce a judgment or arbitral award in the jurisdiction where your opponent has assets? Facing an unjustified attempt at enforcement at home or abroad?  Proxenia Legal can advise on the prospects of recovery in different legal systems, not only in law, but also in practice.  We can also use our network to find you lawyers and third-party funders who can take care of your enforcement proceedings where they arise.

International Proceedings
Representation as (co-)counsel at international courts & tribunals

Heading to proceedings before an international court or tribunal without legal counsel specialised in international disputes?   Proxenia Legal's lawyers have the written and oral advocacy expertise and experience to represent you before a wide range of international courts and tribunals either as co-counsel helping you run the case or as part of an integrated, international team that runs the case for you.

Claim Evaluation
Preliminary Assessments
Expert & T-P Funder Liaison

Unable to accurately estimate the value of the international claim you have or are faced with?  Proxenia Legal knows which types of loss can be claimed across borders and has the claim evaluation expertise to give you a preliminary assessment of the claim's value.  Together with financial experts we can recommend, we can get you the legal opinion and claim quantification you need to then help you seek third-party funding .

Dispute Management
Second Opinion incl. on costs
Parallel settlement negotiations

Running out of patience as your international legal dispute continues interminably and costs continue to mount?  Proxenia Legal knows not only how international disputes should be managed, but also how they can in fact be managed.  We can provide you with a confidential second opinion on how to run your active international dispute and, where required, even open a settlement negotiations track independent of the work of the legal counsel you have briefed for the dispute.

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